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Tiles and Panots with a Touch of Colour


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  • Thematic city activities that have art as the main thread 
  • Experiences for small groups


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Fulfill the SDGs

Sometimes all you need is a different perspective. During the lockdown, this Catalonian artist and architect found his inspiration in the hydraulic floors of Barcelonian homes. He saw the opportunity to convert the mosaics we step on daily into urban art.

He gave the first pieces to his neighbors, who would hang them on their walls and send him a picture.

To be able to share something when meetings were not allowed felt very special. Joan started to hang his art on Barcelona´s iconic spots. People would take the tile home and share it on social media. Soon his art was traveling around the globe.

One day Joan was out hanging a tile, and he stumbled on one. It was a panot, Barcelona’s most famous paving tiles. As it was untangled, Joan fixed it and gave this panot a touch of color. That felt magical. Even if everything around you is gray, we must make space for our colors, whatever they are.

Joan´s art project is about sharing and being true to yourself. It is also about repairing, preserving, and reinventing something that is part of Barcelona´s identity.