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Going green is not enough? Do you need to amaze your audience? Are you struggling to find authenticity? Help is just a click away.

40 plumas | Creatividad en Vidrio
Design and Production of Glass Pieces
Discover Catalonia Through its Wines
ANURÉ Crochet Lamps
Lighting Ideas
Barcelona Mosaic
Colorful Mosaic Art
Bollos by lore
Sweet Delicacies
The Language of the Plants
Create Your Own Urban Garden
Silk Painting and Textile Art
Espais en Transició
Creativity Can Transform Communities
Fitocosmètica del Montseny
From Nature to your Skin
Organic Beauty Products
flor samoilenco
Handmade Textiles

Our choices reflect our values. You can create positive enduring change through commerce by supporting small business, skilled artisans, non-profits, and local entrepreneurs.

Creativity & Knowledge

Our team applies knowledge and expertise to work with the local community to develop authentic products and services.

Trust the Experts

We make it easy for you, concept management and support from your request until the end of your operation.

Do Good

Meet the people behind every product and service we offer. Get updates on how your purchase generates positive impact and fosters sustainability.