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For this passionate Catalonian artist, ceramic is a way to comprehend the world, to see it from a different perspective that allows us to become aware of what we are and what we live. Her artisan craftwork expresses feelings, emotions, and experiences.

Laura´s first contact with ceramic happened by chance in 1992. It began as a hobby, but from that first moment, she has continued to grow, learn, and search for new techniques. 

In her own words: “When I enter the workshop and I smell the wet clay, sense the heat of the oven, and feel the shapes of the half-made pieces with the clay in my hands, I disconnect from everything else. The mud absorbs me, makes me lose track of time. Hours pass by, and in silence, my hands begin to shape the clay. The mud and I have a well-kept secret. This secret is finally revealed when the new ceramic piece comes to life”.