Ceramic Art Pieces with a Deep Symbolism


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Fulfill the SDGs

“We make ceramics so that you can express yourself with it”.  

Kimu is Peke and Anna, a couple that has been sharing ideals and projects in all areas since 1983. Together they create designs with a deep symbolism that reflects a way of doing, thinking, and feeling.

Nature, art, history, mythology, and culture are the inspiration for the pieces they create.

Starting from scratch, with no infrastructure or knowledge, they progressed little by little and in a self-taught way, with the help of friends, with a lot of work and constantly experimenting. “Ceramics have allowed us to create an authentic form of expression through small pieces for personal use that have a great symbolic charge. There we reflect our love for nature, art, and culture, reproducing in drawings from a Gothic rose window to a medieval symbol or a mammal footprint”.

In their way of working, Anna and Peke also seek maximum coherence with their aspirations: “We are a small family business with a great environmental commitment both in the artisanal manufacturing process and in the management of waste that we can no longer recycle. Taking care of an orchard and some fruit trees keeps us in touch with the earth and we have always wanted to live surrounded by nature”.