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Jewelry with a Soul of its Own


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  • Tailor-made jewelry
  • Experiences for small groups


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Ruth Nadal a jeweler with more than 25 years of experience, who is in love with the creative process. She was born among tools and craftspeople that instilled in her the value of handmade. Her father passed on to her the secrets of this ancient and exciting profession. Jewelry became her language. 

Uniqueness is the essence of Ruth’s work. Each jewel has its own character and personality, becoming unrepeatable. Her goal is to create beauty and share it: every woman shall find a perfect match among her creations. 

Using top-quality materials, respecting the environment, and taking maximum care of all the details, Ruth Nadal creates small works of art that become talismans.

“It moves me to make jewelry with a soul of its own, which accompanies unforgettable memories and moments that become eternal. I make handmade jewelry because the perfection of the imperfect is exciting, vital, and powerful”.