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Its name, Mescladi, is a reference to the Catalonian word “mesclar”, which means ‘to mix’. 

Mescladis is a non-profit organization that promotes social cohesion in Barcelona, aiming to combat the fear of ‘otherness’ that arises in increasingly multicultural societies.

One of its core initiatives is Cuinant Oportunitats (Cooking Up Opportunities), a project that offers hospitality training to people excluded from the labor market and/or society. Not all participants on the course have legal status in the country, but that does not represent an obstacle. Mescladis believes in giving people a chance to learn a skill that will enable them to support themselves and make a positive contribution to society.

Cuinant Oportunitats students do their practices at Mescladis café & restaurants and also at their catering services. All of them work with suppliers who have been carefully selected and share their commitments to fair trade, supporting the local economy, and working as much as possible with organic produce.