Naikare, l’art del llibre

Handmade Books to Stimulate your Creativity


  • Corporate gifts
  • Notebooks created using different binding techniques
  • Travel books, diaries and cook books and more
  • Workshops and experiences


Tailored to your needs

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Fulfill the SDGs

Writing makes our thinking visible and permanent; it fosters our ability to explain and refine our ideas to others and ourselves.

What better than using handmade books to bring your ideas to live? 

Mercè Capell is an artisan bookbinder who preserves the art of handmade books in Barcelona.

Her atelier and shop, “Naikare, l’art del llibre”, was born of her need to close a life chapter and start another, dedicating herself to her true passion: the universe of books, ideas, and stories. 

Naikare’s violet logo pays a small tribute to her ancestors and their history.  Naikare is located at a 1901 store: an old haberdashery called “Las Violetas” that belonged to Mercè’s family. The store survived regimes, wars, and crises while remaining within the family.

Now it is a thoughtful place for all of us who love paper books, their texture, colors, illustrations. A place where we find the right tools and materials, besides learning the beautiful art of craft bookbinding and other related disciplines.