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Fulfill the SDGs

Numon makes it possible for you to carry your belongings with style and respect the environment.

This fantastic brand was created 12 years ago in Barcelona by sisters Nuria and Gemma Hernández, who design and produce vegan and sustainable bags, backpacks, complements, and accessories.

Núria Hernández had a passion for disused household linen and fabrics, elements she thought deserved a second opportunity since they were full of magic and history. In the beginning, Nuria created unique pieces from second-hand curtains, bedspreads, and pants.

Organically, the sisters expanded the business and moved to Reus. Numon became known for avoiding materials from animal origin. Instead, they use recycled cotton and polyester materials, from proximity and with GOTS ecological certificate. The brand permanently searches for local manufacturers to reduce the ecological footprint and generate wealth in their community.

The team also counts on Fabio, in charge of production, and loyal fluffy companion Platone. For them, being sustainable, conscious, and responsible is not a trend, it is part of their DNA, it is a necessity, and it is a duty for and to the planet.