Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Accessories


  • Corporate gifts
  • Accessories such as card holders, passport holders, luggage tags and more


Tailored to your needs

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Fulfill the SDGs

Pere and Martin are friends who share the passion for traveling, exploring, and discovering new cultures.

They believe it is important not to waste any raw material from industries. Hence, the decided not to bet on new trends in vegan leather and, instead, reuse existing industry waste to give them a second useful life, avoiding a new overproduction.

Pannotia is their dream made reality: offering travelers and consumers an exclusive line of design products that is sustainable and environmentally friendly, made of 50% of recycled leather and 50% of latex.

The word Pannotia comes from what was a super continent that existed for about 600 million years. Pere and martin chose this name as a reminder of what one day the Earth must become: a place free of emissions, waste free and totally sustainable.