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We must always be ready for the turns in the road. Changing direction often is necessary. Young Catalonian artist Josep Safont is the kind of person who dares to change. He had a degree in biotechnology but decided to pursue his passion and study Textile Art.

“I chose textile art because since I was little, I saw my grandmother working with the fabric, embroidering on the sewing machine, or crocheting. Textile techniques reconnect me with tradition and, using them to articulate my art, I feel that I am paying tribute to the people who have dedicated themselves throughout human history to create and adorn fabrics”.

He innovates by applying different techniques, mixing materials, and gradually adding some more pictorial parts. Josep’s work reflects his thoughts and concerns. Biotechnology lost a professional, we have won a young talented artist who, among other accomplishments, won the Extraordinary Prize for Professional Artistic Teaching of the Generalitat de Catalunya for his 2019 “Gràcies …..” piece.

Those who take Josep Safont’s piece of art home are helping a young artist who wishes to keep growing, creating, and learning. Josep is also eager to teach! He offers creative workshops and teaches to knit, embroider, make felt stamps, and more. It is a true moment of reconnection between each person and the creative spirit that often is lost or asleep.