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Creativity is amazingly versatile; it manifests itself in many different ways. Each method has the potential to tell a new story or give a new message. That is what Eve and Ada show us.

They are two brilliant Asturian artists and designers based in Barcelona who work with different materials and techniques, including drawing, screen printing, embroidery, jewelry, clay modeling, stamp carving. 

Still, their favorite material is cement. Its versatility allows them to create unique designs for all kinds of objects: lighting, decoration, and even delicate pieces of jewelry. Their handmade pieces are colorful and full of life. They like to design and create as much as they enjoy sharing their knowledge.

Ada and Eve know extremely well the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction one can feel after producing a piece, that is what they transmit to everyone during their art workshops. “We feel that same illusion when we see the faces of satisfaction of people when they finish their projects during our activities”.